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China's Digital Agriculture

China has kicked off its dedicated study for digital agriculture, and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology has opened for public topic applications.

The dedicated study for digital agriculture will, on the existing basis of a number of national programs such as 863 Program, 973 Program and Sparkle Program, take full advantage of the cumulated strength to work on the technologies and products bearing major implications on and application perspectives for future agricultural development. The study will introduce the concepts of industrial   production   and   CAD   technique   into agriculture, and will focus on the following four major areas: technological standards and development strategy for digital agriculture; key technology and product development for digital agriculture; digital agricultural technical system integration and associated platform; and digital agriculture demonstration. The dedicated study will play an important role in accelerating China's information process in the field of agriculture, speeding up the transformation of agricultural production from traditionally extensive and empirical modes to the intelligent, accurate and digitalized one.

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