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Digital Skull Repairing

Recently, Beijing Polytechnic University has, in collaboration    with    Tiantan Hospital, successfully performed an operation on skull repairing with digital techniques. The whole process is made in the following steps: the skull CT data based 3-D reconstruction, digital design of the object to be repaired, simulation assembling, optimizing technique parameters and transmitting the finalized repairing data to the digital programmed multi — point shaping equipment to work out the repaired object. The process eliminates the need for founding and mould with a remarkably improved efficiency. It only takes about two hours from CT data collection to get the skull repaired.

Researchers expressed that the new process has found the solution to addressing the low technical level and long operation hour for skull repairing in the country and reduced both operation risks and patients' pain. The new development has laid a solid technical foundation for the future development of fast skull repairing.

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