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Seven-star Park
Seven-star Park is located in the urban area of Guilin City and on the east bank of Li River, through which Xiaodong River is passing. The park covers an area of over 100 hectares and was named after the tale that the seven peaks of Mountain Qixing were the seven stars in the north sky falling down to the earth. Boasting hills, rivers, caves and rocks all together, the "Seven-star Peaks", "Morning of Camel Hill", "Crescent Rainbow Shadow" and "Putuo Stone Forest" are the symbolic scenes in the park. The park has famous spots like Seven-star Peak, Longyin Cave, Crescent Stone, Zenggong Stone, Camel Hill, Longyin Stone, Flower Bridge, Crescent Tower, Light of China Square, Children's Amusement Park, Zoo, 3 Generals and 800 Warriors' Tomb, Mosque, Potted Scenery and Gui Hai Bei Lin. Seven-star Park is the largest comprehensive park with the longest history and the most tourists in Guilin.


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