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Major Breakthroughs in 'Super Rice'

II Youhang 1 and II You 247, two super rice varieties developed by the Fujian Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences have recently passed verification checks. The new rice varieties have recorded a respective yield of 1,162. 01 kg and 1,183.81 kg per mu (l mu= 0.0667ha).

II Youhang 1 is featured with large ears and rich grains in addition to its strong resistance to lodging, diseases, pests and cold spell. The new variety has recorded a yield 20% higher than that of Shanyou 63. II You 247 is a hybrid offspring derived from space breeding materials with numerous merits such as strong resistance to diseases, high yield, fine grain quality and wide adaptability. The Fujian Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences started the space based rice breeding from 1996, and had collected in years a group of fine rice species of unique properties.

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