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Better Testing Technique for Power Line Insulator

The intelligent insulator testing instrument developed by Beijing Shenlang Electronics Co.Ltd. has been used for the first time in the country to measure the insulation resistance by exercising pulse electric pressure on the tested insulators of a charged power line, which realized the quantitative testing of online insulators. The new instrument may detect the insulator that has a leakage but not yet broken down or in a critical damaged condition. The new technique will make the establishment of testing database for clients maintenance information management system and associated scientific management possible.

The trial applications of the new instrument in Beijing, Guangzhou and Qingdao last July have confirmed its reliable performance, easy operation and accurate testing results.  Capable for testing the resistance of every piece of insulators, the instrument has found the solution to the technical difficulty that the existing insulator testing instruments manufactured both at home and abroad cannot perform online charged quantitative testing. In addition, technicians may tell the insulation status of the entire power line based on the data collected by the new instrument and avoid breaking — down accidents caused by improper or missed examination.

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