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Better Understanding of Brain Metabolism

Better understanding of brain metabolism After being treated with the socalled in — depth brain electric stimulation therapy at Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, a 28 — year — old female patient of Parkinson s disease was freed from the symptoms and able to work normally.   The young lady got pregnant after the termination of the therapy and gave the birth to a healthy baby boy in last June. It is reported that the young lady is the only patient of advanced Parkinsonism who got recovered after the operation and gave the birth to the baby in the world.

So far the Hospital has successfully made 100 and more Parkinson patients at intermediate or advanced stage recovered under the in — depth brain electric stimulation therapy. In the meanwhile, they have, in collaboration with Positron Sectional Scanning Center of Huashan Hospital, compared the variations of patients' cerebral glucose metabolism before and after the treatment and concluded that deep brain stimulation is able to make the patient free from the disease symptoms by increasing metabolism in the black striatum area of the brain and thus enhancing the functions of neuron of substantial niagra. It is also found that such increased local metabolic activity may protect nerve cells and slow down the advance of Parkinson s diseases.

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