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Nanometer Feed Additive

The Institute of Feeds, a part of Zhejiang   University, has recently announced that, thanks to its more than one decade long study, it has finally worked out a feed additive series at nanometer level that is safe, highly efficient, and is of high quality.  The Institute has applied for two international invention patents, as well as 6 national invention patents.

A few years ago, the Institute discovered four trace nutritional elements needed by both humans and pigs. These elements have no harmful effects. When being processed into nanometer grains, these nutritional elements demonstrate apparently enhanced physical properties in the form of a greatly increased number of atoms on the grain surface. This in turn remarkably increases their application efficiency. Researchers have made the four trace nutritional elements into an optimized combination together with a number of other nutritional elements and turned it into a new and fresh nanometer feed additive. In addition, the Institute has developed other additives that are able to replace antibiotics or absorb harmful and poisonous residues in animal products. As a result, the Institute has created its own unique animal nutriology.

The testing results have shown that pork fed with the nanometer feed additives only recorded 60% of the top limit for heavy metal content as required by the EU. Thus, the additives have been approved for applications in export—oriented pork production.

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