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China's Major Scientific Projects Evaluated

From (year 1981 to 2000), the period from the 6th Five-Year Plan to the 9th Five-Year Plan, the Chinese government committed a huge investment of RMB 2.5 billion to initiate more than 20 major scientific projects. Among them some have been completed. Some are still being developed. They include the fields of nuclear physics, astronomy, earth sciences,  biology, and information.  These major scientific projects and inventions have been playing increasingly important roles in enhancing research capacity, developing scientific research bases, nurturing high   caliber   research   talents,   and   developing international cooperation and exchanges for China. Tostrengthen and streamline the management of major national scientific projects and to take full advantage of their roles in the scientific research activities, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance decided to jointly research and evaluate the operations and management of the major national scientific projects and inventions.

On the basis of comprehensive analysis and the accomplishment summary of the major national scientific projects and inventions, and by learning from overseas theories and experience through accomplishments evaluations, the investigation team of the National S&T Ventures Development Center conducted extensive and in — depth investigations in line with the special and technical features of these projects and inventions and collected a huge amount of the first hand data and information. The team has completed its full, systematic and in — depth analysis of the investigation results and has made a report entitled "Evaluations of the Management Accomplishments of the Major National Scientific Projects and Inventions. "

The State will, on the basis of the report, prepare and  publish  the  "Methods  on  Evaluating  the Management Accomplishments of Major National Scientific Projects and Inventions" so as to assess and evaluate major national scientific projects that have passed the verification checks. They will then finance their future operation according to the evaluation results. These evaluation efforts will greatly strengthen the management of major national scientific projects.

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