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SARS Testing Technique for Food Sources

On May 27, 2003, the "Fast SARS Genetic Testing Technique for Food Sources," developed   by   the   China   Agricultural University, passed the S&T evaluation check organized by the Chinese Ministry of Education. By taking advantage of the nest polymerase chain reaction, the new technique is able to work on fast, accurate, and highly sensitive genetic testing of SARS viruses embedded in food. In addition, the new technique is also able to reduce the possible risks in operation by avoiding the process of virus separation and collection.

Experts who paneled the evaluation check believe that the  new  technique  has  broad  application possibilities. It may be used to quickly test SARS genes in food sources and block the spread of SARS viruses from the same sources. At the same time it can provide the technical means for China's food import & export quarantine examination.

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