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New SARS Prevention Products

A series of SARS prevention products, such as the  Shiying  disinfectant  and  the  new low — resistance face mask developed by the Military Academy of Antichemical Warfare Commanding Engineering, have recently passed technical approval as organized by concerned authorities.

The Shiying disinfectant is a new — generation virus and bacteria killing product that can be used to wipe out environmental bacteria and viruses existing in the air or on the ground. The testing has shown that the environmentally friendly disinfectant has a killing efficiency as high as 99.9% against SARS viruses, colibacillus, staphylococcus aureus, hay—bacillus, and black mutated bacillocin. With a domestically unique approach to compounding and sterilizing, the new disinfectant brings no toxic effect to the human body or the environment. The face mask offers highly filterable materials with an efficiency of 99%. It filters particles smaller  in   diameter   than   viruses.   The   new low- resistance face mask has numerous merits, such as being water leak proof, having strong absorption, a fine protection  function,   smooth  ventilation,   and  it demonstrates its desirable role in bacteria, dust and viruses filtering.

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