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SARS Viruses Genes Cloned and Major Proteins Expressed

On May 16, 2003. the Shanghai  Institute of Life Sciences attached to the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that it had successfully cloned the enzymes of SARS' six major protein genes. These include S, M, N, E. RNA and 3CL. They have obtained three expressed products for protein E, N and 3CL in the process of expression, separation and purification. The expressed specimens have been screened in a simulation manner for drug candidates

Researchers found that a circle — like corona above surrounds the SARS virus particles and there are dotted proteins in different sizes.  Researchers have further confirmed that there arc similar major proteins that may have played important roles in causing the infection. They arc protein E, S. M, N, polymerase and 3CL.

It is reported that the Institute is now working on the expression of the M Protein, the S Protein and polymerase and they are studying their functions and measuring their crystal structures. This will obtain the full expression specimens of the six major proteins that have played important roles in causing SARS infections.

So far the Institute, has established three drug— screening models at molecular level on the basis of analyzing and predicting the interactive   relationship   between   SARS proteins and human proteins. In addition, researchers have applied simulated drug screening processes to expressed specimens of E Protein, N Protein and 3CL. As a result, one of the three proteins has been screened under the real drug selecting process and researchers have performedin - depth screening on several hundreds of compounds of SARS resistance potentials out of hundreds and thousands of compounds.

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