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China's A & D Budget Exeeding RMB 100 Billion
As is shown by Statistics Bulletin on   China's S&T Budget for the year  2001 jointly published by the State Statistics Bureau, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance, the Chinese government has continued to enhance its input in the nation's R&D budgeting with a total amount exceeding the threshold of RMB 100 billion at RMB 104.25 billion. As a result, the international general indicator showing a nation's R&D input strength has reached the historical height of 1.1% of its GDP.
The Bulletin also shows that the state financial appropriations for R&D sector reached RMB 70.33 billion in the year, or RMB 12.77 billion more against that of the previous year with a weight of 3.7 % in the nation's total financial budget. Meanwhile, the total S&T expenditures amounted to RMB 231.25 billion, or RMB 26.23 billion up in comparison with last year, landing a growth of 12.8%.
The Bulletin indicates that the R&D activities reflecting China's independent R&D capacity recorded a total expenditure of RMB 104.25 billion in the year, or RMB 14.68 billion more than the previous year with a growth rate of 16.3%.   The budgets for individual sectors such as basic studies, applied studies and experimental development respectively went up to RMB 5.22 billion, RMB 17.59 billion and RMB 81.43 billion,
or 11.8%, 15.8% and 16.8% higher than the previous year with their respective portions of 5% , 16.9% and 78.1% in the nation's total R&D expenditure.

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