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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Weimin's Remarks on US Secretary of State Clinton's Public Statement on Chen Guangcheng

Q: US Secretary of State Clinton just issued a public statement on Chen Guangcheng's entering and leaving the US Embassy in China. How does China comment?

A: I believe you have read Foreign Ministry spokesperson's position on Chen Guangcheng's entering the US Embassy in China. I would like to stress again that the US Embassy in China has the obligation to observe relevant international laws and Chinese laws and should not engage in activities irrelevant to its duties. China can never accept the US move to interfere in China's internal affairs, and has demanded the US side to apologize for that, probe into the incident thoroughly, deal with those responsible, and promise to prevent similar incidents.

What the US side should do now is not to continue confusing public opinion or evading or covering up by all means its responsibility for the incident, nor should it continue its interference in China's internal affairs. Rather, it should draw a lesson from this incident seriously with a responsible attitude, truly reflect upon its policies and actions, take necessary measures to prevent similar incidents, and maintain the larger interests of China-US relations with concrete actions.

I would like to reiterate that China is a country under the rule of law and all legitimate rights and interests of every citizen are protected by the Constitution and laws. At the same time, every citizen has the obligation to abide by the Constitution and laws and safeguard the security, honor and interest of his country.

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