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Chinese courts equipped with anti-corruption supervisors
      BEIJING, Jan. 10 (Xinhua) -- Justices in China's Supreme People's Court, as well as judges in local courts, will start working side by side with anti-corruption supervisors from Monday.

    On Friday, 14 full time supervisors were installed in the Supreme People's Court (SPC) to oversee judges, court-order enforcers and other court staff.

    The SPC said in a statement Sunday that 24,521 anti-corruption supervisors had been in place in 2,392 courts across the country.

    In local courts, the posts of anti-corruption supervisors were concurrently held by senior judges, it said.

    The system was born out of the efforts "to better combat corruption and redress injustices in a timely manner," said Shen Deyong, SPC executive vice-president.

    The Supreme People's court had issued a tentative measure to facilitate coordination between the internal check system and external supervision departments, said the statement.

    It also said courts across China would work to optimize the system with measures such as appointing more supervisors and setting up regular exchange and appraisal systems for anti-corruption supervisors.

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