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Bacteria Remove Pesticide Residuals



A project to remove pesticide residuals from traditional medicinal herbs using biological means has passed its verification check. Researchers at the Tianjin University of Science and Technology use bacteria based biological repairing technique to decompose pesticides made of organic chlorine, in an attempt to improve the ecological environment of herb plantations. The technique has found a fundamental solution to removing pesticide residuals in traditional medicinal herbs from soil sources.


Researchers tested the new technique at a gen-seng growing field in an experimental plot affiliated to Beijing Huairou Institute of Medicinal Plants for 3 years. Testing results show that the technique can remove DDT by  37.3%-68.65% , and BHC by 36.45%-62.55%. The successful applications in gen-seng make the technique feasible for other traditional medicinal herbs, vegetables and crops. With numerous merits including simple operation, low-cost and high economic returns, the innovative technique not only removes pesticide residuals, but also helps to reduce the attacks of pests and improve produce quality.

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