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During the 11th Five-year Plan period(2006-2010), China will build a database to reflect land utilization activities up to the county level, and realize real-time dynamic monitoring of arable land use, compensation, and law breaking activities, using satellite images and ground surveys, said recently LU Xinshe, Vice Minister of Land and Resources. According to a briefing, China's satellite based remote sensing technology can clearly tell the existences of arable land, barren mountains, forests or structures at a square meter level, providing accurate land use information for authorities concerned. Information on survey results will be made available on Internet for public screening.


Data published by the China Land Mapping and Planning Institute show that China has surveyed land use activities in 104 major cities, covering a total area of 1.8 million m2 on a combined basis, or 1/5 of the nation's sovereign land. Surveys collect important data on land activities, especially changes in arable land use, and provide a powerful technical support for land management.

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