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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan's Statement on China Foiling Another Anti-China Resolution at the UN Commission on Human Rights

April 16, Beijing time,  with 28 Yes votes and 16 No votes, the 60th session of the UN Commission on Human Rights decided against any reviews and votings on the draft resolution known as "China's human rights practices" raised by the United States.  This is the 11th time that the Commission has rejected an anti-China resolution since 1990.  The Chinese Government extends its admiration and gratitude to all countries that uphold justice and support China.

This time, the US staged another anti-China resolution with no supporting evidence at all.  The Chinese Government always puts people's interest first and promotes this principle throughout its endeavors. As a result, people in China enjoy a constantly improved level of rights in all fields.  On this, they have the deepest feelings and the international community has its own fair judgment.  

The Chinese Government has indeed entered into human rights dialogue and cooperation with many countries, the United States included.  However, out of the need of domestic politics, the United States has again chosen a confrontational approach.  The result was nothing but self-isolation and ultimate failure.  We urge the US side to face reality squarely, draw lessons from this failure, abandon confrontation and tackle its human rights differences with China properly through dialogues and exchanges, for the benefit of bilateral relationship.

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