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More Resources Satellites

On February 12, 2004, the No. 5 Research Institute under the China Space S&T Group delivered Earth Resources Satellite 02, a new  baby from the cooperation between China and Brazil, to the China Resources Satellite Application Center. Experts said the deliverance of its elder sister, namely China - Brazil Earth Resources Satellite 01 has put an end to the history that both China and Brazil had to rely on the resources satellite date provided by other countries. The deliverance of the resources satellite 02 demonstrates that China has entered a stage for producing series resources satellites. Chinese scientists have kicked off the development of other members of the series including 03 and 04.

The newly delivered satellite is equipped with the instruments more advanced than that on 01. These instruments are able to provide more accurate data and images for land resources monitoring, weather forecast, urban planning, environmental protection, forest fire monitoring, crop yield prediction etc.

It is explained that being the products jointly developed by China and Brazil under a shared investment, the 02 and 01 satellites constitute China's first generation remote sensing satellites for earth resources applications. Launched in 1999, the satellite 01 has ceased to work in August 2003. It sent back to the earth large quantity of data products that have been widely used by the two countries in the fields of land resources,   mining,   agriculture,   forestry,   water resources, environmental protection, marine affairs, and urban planning.

It is reported that some other countries have shown their interest in receiving the resources data collected by the Earth Resources Satellite 02.

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