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Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman's remark on the allegation that the bird flu began in China

Q: According to an article in the British magazine New Scientist, China is the source of bird flu.  Actually the epidemic appeared in China last year but you held it back.  So China should now be responsible for the epidemic.  What are your responses?

A: I have also read about such reports about bird flu.  I believe that pointing China as the source of bird flu is not correct.  Such allegations are groundless, disregarding science, and are therefore irresponsible.

As a highly contagious fowl disease, the highly infectious bird flu has been a problem for the whole world and also the topic of interest and research for Chinese and foreign scientists.  Mankind has been struggling against the disease for over a century.  The source, ways and channels of spreading of the bird flu are related to epidemiological rules and can only be determined by enormous experiment and research.  But so far no evidence has emerged to back this up.  According to what I know, WHO officials have stated that it is still premature to come to such conclusions.  I hope all of us could see this epidemic with a scientific attitude.

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