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Foreign Ministry Spokesman's Remarks on US Senator Sam Brownback's attacks on the HKSAR Basic Law and the Chinese Government

   Q:In his speech in Hong Kong on January 9, US Senator Sam Brownback wantonly attacked the Basic Law of  the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Chinese Government, suggesting that the Basic Law should be replaced.  What is your comment on it?

   A: The senator's attacks on the Basic Law and the Chinese Government are groundless.

   The Basic Law, as the fundamental law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, is the legal guarantee for the implementation of the principles of "one country, two systems ","Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong" and  a high degree of autonomy. It also ensures that Hong Kong can enjoy long-term prosperity and stability. The political system of the HKSAR must develop gradually in accordance with the Basic Law and Hong Kong's real situation. It conforms to the long-term interest of all circles of Hong Kong.

   Any plot aming at repudiating the Basic Law and disrupting Hong Kong is doomed to failure.

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