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Foreign Ministry Spokesman's Remarks on the US State Department Spokesman's Comment on the Development of Hong Kong's Political System

   Q: The US State Department Spokesman  made remarks again on the development of  Hong Kong's political system  on January 10th.  What is your comment on this?

   A: The Hong Kong affairs are China's internal affairs and the Chinese Government resolutely opposes  to any foreign interference in whatever form.

  The political system of the HKSAR should develop gradually in accordance with the Basic Law and Hong Kong's real situation. It conforms to the long-term interest of all circles in Hong Kong.

  The United States should live up to its commitment to support the implementation of the "one country, two systems" policy and to maintain the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong.  The United States should stop interfering in Hong Kong's internal affairs and not to do anything detrimental to the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong and Sino-US relation.

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