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Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing Has a Phone Conversation with Bulgarian Foreign Minister Solomon Passy (25/03/2003)

On the afternoon of March 25, 2003, Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing had a phone conversation with Bulgarian Foreign Minister Solomon Passy at Passy's request.

Passy said that Bulgaria and China have maintained good bilateral relations, adding that Bulgaria adheres to the One China policy and will continue to strengthen and develop good-neighborly and cooperative ties with China.

Li said the Chinese government will continue to attach importance to the development of bilateral ties with Bulgaria.

As to the Iraqi issue, Li said that human beings are the most precious under heaven, and the common aspiration of the people is the most important in the world. People all over the world yearn for peace. China is willing to work with the international community and continue to call for a halt to the military operations launched by countries concerned so as to bring about a return to the path of political settlement. The first shipment of humanitarian relief supplies for the Iraqi refugees in Jordan will soon be on its way. Additional assistance will be provided as required in the future.

Li and Passy agreed that their representatives in the United Nations will maintain contact.

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