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American Tourist's Letter Receives Presidential Reply
Chinese President Jiang Zemin expressed his hope that American friends will come to China more often in a reply letter to an American tourist who wrote to him in May.

Jiang praised the well-written letter in Chinese from Michael O 'Shea, the tourist, saying that he was "pleased" to know that O' Shea and his family and students had "wonderful experiences" in China.

In the letter, Jiang quoted a Chinese saying as "seeing is believing," noting that what O'Shea experienced in China fully proved that the Chinese people, who "cherish goodwill feelings toward the American people," hope the two countries will maintain and develop friendly and cooperative relations.

Jiang wrote that non-governmental exchanges are the basis of good state-to-state relations, and that the Sino-American friendship is conducive to the world peace and development.

Jiang welcomed further suggestions from O'Shea on China's tourism services, and sent greetings to his family members.

O'Shea, an American tourist from New York State, sent a letter in Chinese to Jiang, with photos and university newspaper, introducing his "wonderful experiences" in China and making suggestions to China's tourism services.

( People's Daily 08/27/2001)

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