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China to continue fight against Falun Gong

Beijing, July 20 -- The People's Daily publishs a commentator's article today,
calling for consolidating and furthering the fight against the "Falun Gong"
It says that China has achieved a decisive victory in the fight after
unremitting and determined efforts. However, The cult will not voluntarily step
down from the historical stage.
Li Hongzhi and his followers, like any evil force, have never stopped doing
illegal things, the article says, adding that Li has even made some new remarks
to instigate people to confront the government after frequent frustrations.
What they have been doing is to prove that they still have some value for the
Western anti-China forces, the article says.
Nonetheless, "Falun Gong" has already lost its "power", and Li and his followers
are doomed to fail, the article stresses.
The article urges the people to have a better awareness that the fight against
"Falun Gong" will be a long-lasting, complicated and acute struggle. Therefore,
we must unite the majority of the people while cracking down on the diehards
with a firm hand, it urges.
It continues to say that the fight against cults is a worldwide campaign, and in
socialist China it is the common aspiration of the people that no cult can be
allowed to harm society.
It concludes that China can win the campaign in an all-round way because the
country has maintained political stability and achieved rapid economic growth.

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