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Qinghai-Tibet Railway Facilitates Local Tourism

The launching of Qinghai-Tibet railway will promote local tourism development, said an official with China National Tourism Administration (CNTA).


The tourism resources along the railway are very rich, with different geography, biology and ethnic culture. There are world famous canyon, snow mountains, lakes and plateau, with 35 percent of rare wild animal species of the nation. Its unique history, culture, and scene attracted tourists from home and abroad.


While due to the lack of transportation methods, the tourism growth were restricted. Currently, there are only two ways traveling into Tibet, by highway or by air. Aviation transportation were affected by the frequency and capacity of the aircraft, with high cost for travelers. Highways were comparatively dangerous for travelers.


When the railway is finished, the bottleneck of infrastructure will be improved, providing new opportunities for tourism industry.


Official with the CNTA said railway is convenient, fast, safe, comfortable, with low cost. When railway joins in competing for travelers, the other transportation methods will also lower cost.

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